Coolie No.1 Budget And Box Office Collection 2020

coolie no 1 budget and box office collection

Coolie No. 1 (2020) starring Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan has opened to critical reviews, but it has beaten Mirzapur on Amazon Prime in the US, viewer data is yet to be released and should be available by Sunday. Coolie No. 1 was released directly to Amazon Prime for Rs 115 crore, which was a success.

If Jadwa 2 had opened in theaters at Rs 15.75 crore in 2017, Cool No. 1 would have been a double digit opener today, but it is a proper mass oriented film despite some of Varun Dhawan’s previous films being less openers.

Coolie No. 1 was made in 1995 with a budget of 3.5 crores and made a lifetime of 21 crores, which today is a net inflation of 140 crores and at that time it was a huge success, which prompted this remake.

Coolie No.1 Budget And Box Office Collection 2020

Coolie No. 1 Budget

50 crore, the estimated budget of Coolie No. 1 without P&A with the share of Varun profits and David Dhawan estimated 35 crore, total cost 85 crore

Production cost: 50 crores

Salary Expenditure as Profit Share: Rs 35 crore for Varun and David Dhawan

Cost of Prints & Advertising: 0 crores

Coolie No.1 viewership data

Coolie No.1 viewership data will be updated if Amazon Prime releases the same, but its subscription base will be lower than Hotstar so Lakshmi is the 2nd most viewed movie in OTT releases with 37 lakh views more than Dil Bechara

Coolie No.1 Jawani Screens

Coolie No. 1 was released directly on Amazon Prime

Coolie No. 1 hit or flop

Coolie sold No. 1 to Amazon Prime for Rs 115 crore, giving the producer a profit of Rs 30 crore even after paying a large share of the profits.

Coolie No.1 Budget And Box Office Collection 2020

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