WONDER WOMAN 1984 India Budget And Box Office Collection

wonder woman 1984 budget and box office collection

Wonder Woman 1984 best performance after the epidemic started well and stood

Wonder Woman 1984 India Budget and Box Office Collection

8 crore net

Day 5 is Sunday

1.75 crores

Day 4 is Saturday

1.75 crores

Day 3 is Friday

2.25 crores

2nd day Thursday

1.5 crores

Day 1 Previews

0.75 crores

WONDER WOMAN 1984 India Budget And Box Office Collection

Wonder Woman 1984 provided some content to Indian theaters, but Wonder Woman 2017, which had an impact on the opening coronavirus epidemic, was smaller.

Karnataka and Maharashtra have imposed night curfews across India due to Kovid 19, which has affected night shows and the two best performing markets Bangalore and Mumbai are not functioning a bit.

Wonder Woman has opened to good reviews by critics, but is still widely awaited in Indian markets and has added some new content to Indian theater chains.


The estimated budget of Wonder Woman 1984 worldwide is 1470 crores or M 200 million

WONDER WOMAN 1984 International Box Office Collection

Wonder Woman grossed .5 38.5 million worldwide before its 1984 release in India and was released on the HBO Max in the markets here, leading to poor performance

WONDER WOMAN 1984 hit or flop

Wonder Woman 2017 grossed Rs 18.5 crore at the Indian box office and it remains to be seen whether Wonder Woman 1984 will match it, but it has helped Pupros to give cinemas a lifeline by giving it some new content.

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